Recently Sold

7386 W Belay St, Eagle, ID                         468 E Andes Dr, Kuna, ID                

8933 S Formosa Way, Kuna, ID                  9024 S La Pampa Way, Kuna, ID

1357 N Palaestra Ave, Eagle, ID                9041 S La Pampa Way, Kuna, ID

533 E Pascua Dr, Kuna, ID                          700 E Tucman St, Kuna, ID

9169 S Cipolletti Way, Kuna, ID              

Under Construction

Patagonia Subdivision  -  Kuna, ID

738 E Pascua Dr, Kuna, ID  -  ALMADA RV FLOOR PLAN

9041 S La Pampa Dr, Kuna, ID  -  LISBON FLOOR PLAN

1093 E Pascua Dr, Kuna, ID - SYDNEY RV with BONUS FLOOR PLAN

Coming Soon

Patagonia Subdivision, Kuna, ID  -  4 LOTS TO CHOOSE FROM 

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